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Enify & Teams make a perfect combination for operational environments.

Working in today's operational environments is complex. Combining Enify & Teams you get a powerful tool for enhanced collaboration & situational awareness.

Working together regardless of physical location and cross-organizations is becoming daily life for most organizations. However, keeping everyone on the same page can be challenging with teams spread out globally. Luckily, by combining Enify and Teams, you can create a powerful tool that promotes better collaboration in remote work and shared situational awareness.

Teams are an essential tool for effortless collaboration and file organization. It is archiving functionality and vast storage capacity enables you to track all your documents without hassle. However, accumulating a massive collection of files can make locating the latest ones you need challenging. Fortunately, Enify solves this problem with a single click, giving you instant access to the most recent files. 

The Azure B2B direct connect feature allows individuals from different organizations to collaborate through Teams using their company login information. Using this functionality means that teams cross companies do not need to be added as guests users, or switch to each other's organizations when collaborating. Allowing people to work without switching organizations simplifies the process of sharing resources and instantly chatting with external organizations. 

Enify, on the other hand, is a tool that helps you find, use, and share information while utilizing the available screen environment. By combining the two tools, you can create an efficient and effective operation that enables you to work seamlessly. 

One of the primary benefits of using Enify and Teams together is easier access to information. With just one click, Enify can find everything you need across underlying systems to prepare for meetings, conduct meetings, and quickly get situational awareness. Enify opens the systems and places the information on your available screens, making it easy to find and use the information you need. 

Enify in Teams gives you one place to find, use, and share information. Enabling this capability means you can easily share a screen using Teams and then Enify to switch between different content. Working in this way makes it easy to collaborate with your team and ensures everyone is on the same page. 

Another benefit of using Enify and Teams together is that it can reduce duplication of work. Having all the information you need in one place can avoid having multiple team members working on the same task or project. Teams file share can help you save time and resources and ensure your team is working efficiently. 

By using Enify and Teams together, you can remove unproductive meeting points. With Enify, you can quickly find the information you need before a meeting, making it easier to prepare and ensure that the meeting is productive. Additionally, you can use Teams to conduct the meeting, making it easy to collaborate with your team and ensure everyone is on the same page. 

To wrap up, Enify and Teams are a dynamic duo that utilizes Azure B2B direct connect and outstanding storage capacity. When used together, they promote efficient collaboration for remote work and shared situational awareness. With these tools, you can easily access information, eliminate redundant tasks, minimize unproductive meetings, and work harmoniously. Take advantage of Enify and Teams to experience the benefits they can bring to your business. 


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