Why did we create Enify?

1 min reading | Enify is your digital assistant; it helps create structure in the chaos of information.

When paper was king; well-organized binders and central filing cabinets were the key to information success. Without this order provided by dividers and indexes, no one could find what they needed, quickly and easily. The arrival of the photocopier was the savior. Now everyone could have their own archive in the workplace and the data began to flow a little freer. The challenge, of course, was to ensure everyone had the same version of the story. When computers made their entrance, things really started to take off. Information could be more easily produced, edited and distributed than ever before. Digital folders made the archiving process easier, and people found what they needed, when they needed it.


In today's work environment, we have a near infinite number of ways to generate information. We have also been given endless ways to visualize and distribute this information. Some of this information is in handy fixed documents, but much of it is buried deep in applications and technical tools. As a result we begin to long for the central filing cabinet again; an easy to use central repository containing all the information necessary to analyze, decide or carry out the work.


This analogy is why Enify saw the light of day. In a world where we have no shortage of information, nor a lack of digital filing cabinets, we saw the need for a tool that could coordinate information for everyone, regardless of location or format. One solution that can help organizations, teams, and individuals alike.

If we could create a solution that could easily retrieve information across systems and sources without deep knowledge of the origin system or application; the knowledge worker would gain more time to use that information instead of looking for it.

If this collection process could also be repeated and shared with others, then entire teams and organizations could become more efficient and consistent. Each employee should be able to produce a shareable digital archive, independent of the tools used to create and present it. The archive should be able to be opened with the touch of a button and visualized in the best way on their available screens.

Enify was to be the digital glue between the information requirements of the work and the employee performing that work.

Physics tells us that entropy will naturally turn order into chaos over time unless you add energy to a system. The same is true of information in the workplace; and effort is required to avoid emerging chaos by using effective digital archiving and retrieval tools.

Enify has been created based on our own experiences, customer feedback and the laws of physics!

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